Why I become a freelancer ?


Why I become a freelancer ?

Heck do I even know how to become a good freelancer ?

It started out when Im doing system / web apps for someone FYP after I finish my SPM .. I feel enjoy doing it because that is the only income for me .. My dad used to say ” If you want anything .. you have to earn it by yourself “.

What about now ? 

I still enjoy until today .. meeting new people .. messing around with the codes .. learning new technology .. but frankly I still find it too much hassle .. Because the pay is not worth the effort that I give to complete the project . And until now I do have some problem charging for my services ..  Because I need MONEY and I have to accept their offer even sometimes their demands is ridiculous ..

Sometimes I need to do the same old thing .. the same boring login system .. with CRUD .. bla bla bla .. using Dreamweaver built in codes .. Since I already know php framework .. it’s like torturing yourself using the tools and technology that you hate .. 

Either way .. this is the only thing that I could do .. I need to do it .. to pay my bills .. feed myself .. service my motorcycle and leave me with enough money to go to MAMAK and lepak with my friends .. 

In the end .. I didn’t save any of my freelance project .. BUT … the wisdom and knowledge that I gain being a freelancer is priceless .. 

// No more RM500 per system .. I should charge more !

// No more crazy deadline ..

//No more projects until I finish my Infosys training (except the one that I promise before my training)

// There is 95% chances that Im gonna start working and being a corporate coder after my training .. Farewell UTeM ..

// and yes .. another footnote .. for those who want be a good freelancer .. check out freelanceswitch and this post.

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