Projek Diploma UTeM


SPPD – Sistem Pengurusan Projek Diploma -> E Dokumen Projek Diploma UTeM

Technically , bila buat projek diploma setiap pelajar akan ada seorang penyelia dan penilai.

penyelia -> pensyarah yang akan walkthrough student . from zero to a complete system

penilai -> pensyarah yang memberi markah di waktu hari presentation nanti .

as for me .

penyelia -> En Sanusi

penilai -> Pn Anizah Othman

pemberi idea -> En Haziq

Pengerusi Jawatankuasa Projek Diploma / PSM -> Dr Faaizah

pendek kata .. i have to present to 4 lecturers instead of 2 .. 

All i want to say ..  please dont disturb me until end of april . i already sold my soul to the Java God (if any) . I’m no longer Hassan .. or oDiN .. or what ever u want to call it .. 

Thanks to these people for give me more and more work .. so I can fix it .. and learn a lot .. eventhough time is really insufficient .. I didn’t do my report 3/4  yet . not even do a proper test unit .. or guide on how to use my system .. or a proper admin CRUD .. not even a little .. and yeah .. no proper banner .. no search feature .. no nothing .. full stop ..

oh yeah .. my system will be going to use by all FTMK students who took / will take  projek diploma .. so .. they will see my name at the bottom .. 🙂

until then .. 

i m going to be on hiatus at this blog . not sure when i will update this blog again .. and nobody cares anyway . 


will shave my head to bald .. thanks to JSF ( Java Server Faces ) ..


p/s : thanks to Bro Chang .. for willing to stay at RND lab and teach me EVERTHING .. thanks a lot ..

5 thoughts on “Projek Diploma UTeM

  1. Chang

    Good Luck!
    EVERYTHING? haha… i guess i need to learn more about JSF from u now. U are better than me now.
    anyway, all the best!

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