ACM ICPC Regional 2008


Pertandingan ini boleh dikatakan peringkat Asia sebab ada jerk wakil dari China , Taiwan , Singapore , Sri Lanka dan Bangladesh . 

Bertolak dari UTeM hari ahad . Macam biasa penuh dengan gelak ketawa .. dan termimpi2x nak pergi Stockholm di Sweden . Sebab top 20 jerk terus pergi sana . (Total team dalam 60 tapi 2 team tarik diri)

Disebabkan aku agak moody dan x sehat sekarang (akibat gastrik) baik aku citer ape yang membuatkan aku terasa giler kt saner . 

Total question is 11 . Every question that got right will got one baloon .. So if you want psycho other team .. this is one of the great way to do so . And other team will feel threaten by their pace . But it is also a good hint since you will know which question is the easiest one .

After 2 minutes .. 2 teams in front of me got one balloon . WTF ? 

My team’s table is near to China / Taiwan team .. so only several teams didnt manage to get any balloon while they already got 7 of em when the contest is near ly finish .

I want to laugh . I want to puke . I want to cry . I even have some feelings .. to quit programming for the rest of my life  . Heh .. Rase down sangat2x .. 

But I can assure that I didnt get back with empty hands .. I will never forget the experience .. the pressure ..  over there . 

The top University which is in Malaysia only manage to get 2 question right which is from UIA . Other public university got mostly one and the rest of them are none .. Yeah .. both of UTeM teams didnt get any questions right .. Sigh ..

// Learn so much from the experience . Next year will be different . I hope ..

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