Google Chrome


Google melancarkan web browser sendiri . Sangat KOOL dan laju !

Download it here

Well .. entry aku ini menggunakan Chrome dan yes .. laju sikit dari firefox .. walaubagaimanapun .. firefox aku rasa xkan bungkus sebab dah banyak plugin especially for web development mcm firebug .

Apa yang best tentang Chrome ?

Macam web browser lain .. ada multi tab .. tapi faveret aku .. javascript and rendering engine dia sangat laju . size nya lightweight .. still Chrome adalah dalam peringkat BETA .. so just wait for the final release ..

pada sesiapa yang suke melihat Porno .. press ctrl + shift + N untuk activate incognito. woohoo !

// after using for one day

facebook ajax is not working .. try to poke my friends and the pop up ajax didn’t work .. also have some problem with png . I try log in to flavert website and click the launch to sky image .. the image is badly rendered before hover .. dunno why .. still need lots of work


Ada security flaw

3 thoughts on “Google Chrome

  1. airis_aiman

    huh! kenapakah…google chrome kelihatan weird?! tapi saya sukakan multi tab nya, yeah! btw, no entry on 2nd sept..i wonder why….^^

  2. airis_aiman

    waa.!! mane nak cari my favourite link from chrome browser nih?? aduhh..gile banyak important la esok, xyah keja ­čśŤ

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