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I can’t find any FREE and GOOD image resizer software for my vista machine . After went through a lot with pakcik google , i found this software .

Already using it for a month . This software doing the job that I want . Resize a large collection of image (without need to use any image editor like Photoshop and resize it one by one ) . You can specify the resolution , and have some setting like you want to replace it with the original or create a new one with a prefix name .

So , if you are a web developer and having vista as your work machine , this is a must software for your work (well .. at least for me .. )


VSO Image Resizer

2 thoughts on “VSO Image Resize

  1. vista takde microsoft office picture manager ke??macam kat windows xp…software tu memang ada resizer…aku memang guna software tu nak resize pic…function lain pun ada tapi tak byk..aku tak penah explore vista…laptop aku tak ready lagi nak terima benda baru…

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