Mac and windows with parallel


Bye Windows .. Hello MAC

No no .. I dont have any money to buy mac book pro .. and probably aku akan melelehkan air liur biler NUX beli dulu dari aku . Its just that I see something new . Im not gonna dump windows forever .. Lots of good apps is only for windows . like Photoshop , Dreamweaver and games ..

Wait .. I know you can run it on linux as well .. lets just say I want to run Leopard , Vista and Ubuntu on a single notebook .. So what choice Do i have ? I have to own a mac book to do that ..

I stumbled across on this website . Run windows using parallel  . Kita boleyh run windows dalam leopard .. WOW ! No no .. I’m not talking about dual boot .. im talking about running windows side by side with a mac ! That thing is call coherence in Parallel . You can switch instantly from a mac to windows .. or .. you can just run both  !

So I can have textmate running .. with my dreamweaver and photoshop , wamp , and play games ..

herm .. what can i conclude .. I need more money .. LoL …

But for now . you run linux apps and windows silmutaneously .. 🙂

not so secure because when people have acces to your windows password .. they can access linux too ! (again . im not talking about dual boot .. it runs both ! )

//Dell 22 inch dh smpai kt umah .. hahaha Meow Meow

2 thoughts on “Mac and windows with parallel

  1. durgh! pegi la maen ngn dell ko.. JELES ni!! ter-amat-sangat-jeles nye ngan ko.. ergh. by the way, dah lame dah aku tau pasal parallels ni, just x sempat nak cerita kat ko je.. sorry.. hahahahhahaha.. anyhoo.. semoga happy ngn DELL LU!!

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