Web Programming Proposal : Part 1


Setelah 3 kali meeting .. discuss the proposal .. spend about 2 hours on that 3 day .. and .. this is the result .. rase mcm nk nangis biler bace balik benda alah nie .. Aku salah terang ke kt diorang (especially that SSL , MD5 encryption part) .. anyway .. thanks for all my teammates yang bagi idea and kerjasama yang MAMPAN menambat Dunia . Stay tune after the final editing from Me ..



Website is a related collection of World Wide Web (www) that can also have an application that help people do their job via online. Due the scenario, information can be access easily in fingertips. Internets also ease of use for user in their day life with world wide in certain fields like e-business, e-learning, e-commerce and etc. Our website project is based on a registration application services to  memudahkan sesetengah pihak yang ingin berurusan dengan pihak lain.

During our observation, we found that user faced a problem in making decision to the next level of education based on their result in examination such as UPSR, PMR, SPM or even STPM. So, we decided to develop an application for them. The application can automatically give guideline for them in choosing courses that they are capable to carry on based on their results without any regret.

Here, user can make decision whether to follow the guideline or not. On the development of this application and as administrator, we can provide the information for them and stored their information privately from public and difficult to expose. In the other hand, our website already has competitors such as maxis, smart school, MOE and others but their application is not actually for student who had finished their PMR examination. We are used to develop an application to solve that problem.



Like our system, it helps student to choose suitable course that based on their result and not what they want.










The tasks that we must do are identifying the banner, navigation and content placeholder. We also need to find suitable graphic for UI (user interface), color, font type, accessibility, image quality and bandwidth that is needed to view the website and use the system. The result will produced that user will be able to know what courses they are capable based on their result.

Our application involved consultation guideline services to user who wants to know what course they can take and help them manage their next education level based on their PMR’s result.

The content in our web site come from Ministry of education (MOE) and interviews. Will it be new, repurposed, or both? Both. Web administrator will add new content when education system was updated.

We think that content management can be necessary for functional requirements during our web development. Besides that, we provide SQL injection for outsider to gain control database information, SSL secure socket layer and MD5 encryption in our security.

We try to manage student’s studies for long-term planning in the site by our own server and local host. Student who had finished their PMR are other technical issues in the system we are going to develop. What types of legacy systems/databases are in place? We choose linear structure that could be applied to our website architecture.

Here, we will show how the application is going to develop. First of all, the student must register the website, and insert all their personal details. Once they are registered they are able to insert their grade and they will know what courses can effort to take based on their result.












Adobe Dreamweaver CS3

Adobe Photoshop CS3

Qforms JavaScript Fram



Minimum PC Requirement :

Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / Linux / Mac Os 10 Tiger , Leopard .

Browser :

Mozilla Firefox , Opera , K-Meleon , Internet Explorer 6.0 , Internet Explorer 7.0 ,



Web server


Operating system


Client-side technology


Server site extension



We also have various stages of the process where during template stage, 3 people will involved, 2 people during coding stage and all people involved to publish website in deploy stage.































Gantt chart is recommended













This system is based on decision support system (DSS) which help the user in giving guideline for them to choose courses that they are capable to carry on based on their results without any regret.



tolong settle kan tulisan kaler hijau kat atas ni….satu lagi….kat projek requirment…yg dlam kotak tu…bleh x xplain ape kegunaan phtoshop..apche..SQL sume tu.. xbuat dlm kotak pun xper lah..

 objektif n conclusion tu tlong smbung kan lgi bg mantap n bg org faham…bleh..


flowchart n gannt tu repair ckit2 ape yang x btul..eehh…





                                                                     aqma n nisa



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