2007 : Reflection


Mase aku tgh tulis this post .. I’m actually suffering a critical stomach ache .. and I’ve been going to toilet like 10 times .. 4 times at the office .. and 6 times at my home .. and counting (still in PAIN ) ..

So . I decided to work half day and go back home . at least i can work by only wearing a towel .. 😛

this post is about anything that I’ve face in this year .. kire tribute to this year la .. You can just click at archives on sidebar by months .. to read all of em .. or U can just read my summary here ..


  • I’m buying web hosting at Flavert . RM30
  • Doing my Portuguese Project for my Hubungan Etnik subject . Interview a lect at UKM and Portuguese Regedor Peter Gomes .
  • And my relationship with my GF start to going down ..


  • Still having problem with my GF


  • Thinking whether I want to drop my maths subject
  • Project Portuguese has ended .. Give tributes to all my mates .


  • Starting to have interest with Linux ( Fedora Core 6 )
  • Doing all the configuration . Kiba dock , Beryl (now known is Compiz Fusion)
  • 2nd Semester end . Travelling from Melaka to Klang 3 times in 3 days


  • Buying a new wireless router


  • Playing Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3 .. Finishing this game less than a week .
  • Step into Javascript framework world . Learning Jquery and Moo Fx
  • Making website for UTeM . Pesta Konvokesyen


  • Migrate from Fedora user to Ubuntu
  • New semester is start . Staying at pangsapuri Murni instead Bunga Raya


  • My first time entering programming competition
  • Preparing for programming competition
  • Won in Diploma Category and 3rd place overall
  • Started to have interest in Ruby and Ruby On Rails
  • Bz preparing Midterm examinations
  • Send off my friend Ayu Amiza at KLIA .


  • Fasting month
  • Crucial Week


  • Went to Putrajaya
  • Muet Examination
  • Final Exam


  • Working as a web programmer
  • Get a new bike . Modenas Xcite


  • Joining REKA with Sifoo and Microsoft at KLCC
  • Went to MMU for Ruby On Rails Workshop at MMU Cyberjaya
  • Went to Comic Fiesta at Berjaya Timesquare
  • Emo ! 😛

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