Ruby On Rails at MMU Cyberjaya


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Date: 13th December 2007 (Thursday)
Time: 7:15 pm – 9:15 pm
Venue: FIT AR 0004 (Linux Computing Lab 1)

Mr. Kamal Fariz, Lead Software Developer of Ruby on Rails Sdn. Bhd.

About Kamal Fariz:
Mr. Kamal Fariz is the current Lead Software Developer at RSB Cyberjaya, doing Ruby on Rails development. Previously he was working at Accenture. He is also a founder of the Malaysian Ruby Brigade and participant of several competitions, in which he and his team won several notable placing. He is also a speaker at the Malaysian Government Open Source Conference (MyGOSSCON) 2007.

Development Tools:
– Linux, Fedora Core 5
– Ruby on Rails

Rails is released under the MIT license. Ruby under the Ruby License.

Projects/Websites done using Ruby on Rails:

ROR – Ruby On Rails

I can’t believe that I’m actually attending that workshop .. after askin my permission from my boss to leave earlier (around 6 P.M) .. i went to cyberjaya with confidence .. somewhere near hicom (dekat proton tuh) . hujan lebat gler .. so I have to turn back all the way to Klang .. to my hse .. tukar motor .. dari naik kapchai .. i naik Elegan my father ..luckily dier x pakai since dier pakai keta wira g keje ..siap2x pakai baju ujan .. and full throttle to cyberjaya ..

Around 7:20 .. smpai kt Cyberia smarthome .. Kol bro Sabau .. tp dier x angkat lak kol Nazri .. dier kater cube kol balik .. sbb br bgn tido .. ahahaha .. kantoi . mklumlah .. running company sendiri .. bos sendiri ..kuli pon sendiri . konferm la bz .. aku yg kuli nie pon pecah kepala .. err . enough babbling .. dier kol balik cellphone aku and bg direction ke opisnyer

Dh smpai .. solat jap dan terus ke lab .. mase sampai dh start .. the first guy yg aku mmg perasan gler ..adalah AIZAT !!!

Aku panggil aizatto .. hoho .. [err .. aku bukan gay] . cume aku dh bace blog dier couple of months ago . dier nie mmg penggiat open source .. teringin nk jadi cam dia (dier speaking fluent gler ) .. usaha aku ke dalam linux berbuah sedikit .. tp aku skrg nk mac lak .. haha 😛 –Salam racun aku .. –

anyway .. lot’s of things i learn .. concept of MVC – model , view , controller .. DRY concept (dont repeat yourself) ..

using a framework is easier .. since I have used one .. at least i know the difference ..

I ask several question about scale in ROR (it’s tedious).. and what good  IDE in Windows platform (they suggest netbeans and eclipse) .. since I dont have MAC .. off course .. they use textmate when they demo the capabilities of ROR .. hey aizat .. if u do read my blog .. i want the pic that u snapped using ur nokia e61i .. 🙂

after the workshop .. Sabau show me some demo on CakePHP .. to me .. err .. It’s quite easy than ROR since I already know php .. I have problem remembering more syntax .. eventhough ruby is an easy language .. but I do need some time to actually feel comfortable using ROR (new syntax ) .. other reason is because ruby have to use ruby server .. so . u have to actually have a VPS (virtual private server) hosting .. or maybe a pure ruby server (ade ke ? ) .. it;s kinda hard to find one .. therefore . i stick to php ..

other than new language .. new framework .. new concept (MVC and DRY) … 1st tyme dtg cyber sendiri and masuk MMU cyber . smpat gak g makan kt kafe diorang .. argh . beshnyer . oh . xlupe . banyak awek comei2x . hehe

Mase nak balik . x reti nk ikot balik jalan mase datang . so .I end up ke serdang .. lalu highway sg besi .. arah ke klcc . then .. ke Balakong .baru jumpe highway kesas lak .. heh .. demn .. buang mase cenggitu jerk ..

the whole is experience is PRICELESS ..

thanks to Malaysia Ruby Brigade ! 🙂

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