Mozilla Firefox 3.0 Gran Paradiso


yeah yeah ..

it’s still in alpha version ..

but saje gatal tangan nak install .. sbb i like firefox than IE .. since firefox ada plugin yang sgt best .. and . it’s fast !

comment bout the 3rd version .. i notice it’s more faster .. rendering dier dh lain .. mmg improve .. u can read the review at cnet and other place .. bler tgk site tuh pon . ada bug yang bagi aku x braper penting sgt .. so far pakai ok jerk ..

hopefully .. x jadik mcm ie6 .. menyebabkan aku kena check compatible ker x with different browser .. firefox , mozilla , opera dan safari x banyak songeh sangat kalao pakai div and other stuff .. mostly the same .. tp biler tgk kt ie6 ..n kadang2x ie7 .. mmg sakit hati ..

if u dont want to risk ur pc .. jgn install .. aku install pon kt virtual pc .. tunggu jerk la final version eyh ..


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