Seminar SE @ 2007 Software Engineering in fulfilling Advanced Manufacturing Technology (AMT)


8.00 AM

Bangun agak lewat sbb main bowling . tido hotel ngan my dad kt seremban . bangun2x dgn x mandi terus balik mlake . rushing blk sbb nk g Seminar SE 2007 Software Engineering in fulfilling Advanced Manufacturing Technology (AMT) challenges kt Mahkota Hotel Melaka ..just behind MP jerk .

9.00 AM

Balik kt Murni . Siap2x jap . Tgk sumer member tgh terbongkang tido .

9.15 AM

Terus ke Mahkota Hotel

9.45 AM

Sampai . parking . wow .. ada banner .. huhu .. giler r . pas2 tgk kt satu board yg tunjuk events tuh . dier kater ball room .. what the heck ? mane la aku tau tmpt tuh . so g kt lobby . meow .. ada satu awek cun tuh melayan aku .

“Err .. kak .. which way to the Ball Room ? ”

“it’s upstairs .. just use the DAMN stairs abang .. ”
-saje aku tambah ayat DAMN tuh .huhu –

Tgk lecturer dlm 3 org dok kt kaunter kt luar .. Ye .. Pn Mashanum ada disitu .. dia agak terkejut kot ..
anyway .. dier tanye apa name . skali dier check nama aku xder dalam list . haih ?

lect X : “Name ape ? ”

Pn Mashanum : ” Hassan !! ”
she’s smiling mase sebut nama aku .. huhu .. aku x tau nape .. tp cam happy la dier sebut name aku ..
tp aku x pandang muka dia .. ngan muke x mandinya (Kantoi lak ) .. mata merah tido 2 jam .. heh ..

me : “er .. Hassan Abu Bakar ..2DIT ”

lect X : “herm .. name awk xder dalam list nie .. xper la ..just tulis name awk kt cnie ”

tulis ….

Lect X : “Awk nie dh byr lom ? Awk bayar kt sape ye ? ”

me : ” Dh bayar . kt Cik ida tersayang .. ”

Lect x : “ouh .. ic .. nnt sy bg balik resit kt awk ”

pas2 aku pon amek la bag yg dier bagik .. orange itam !!! cute !!! pandai tol saper pilih kaler nie ..
(mesti ada yg tersengih poyo biler baca ayat nie .. nie mesti cik ida .. 😛 )

tyme aku masuk masih lg dgn speech perasmian dari Dekan . pas2 Dato’ Bakar bg speech . wahaha .. this is a good one .. mase MHS dier bg speech yg mmg giler sempoi .. naper la kak yan x mcm tuh eyh .. well .. dier citer psl naper bebudak mase spm score 9a1’s tp bier grad cgpa managed to get 2.2-2.3 .. whut the heck ?
dier tanye saper yg patot salah .. dier gak ada sentuh psl sikap mak bapak yg lepas tangan pas dpt duit ptptn .. pas2 psl SIKAP .. sikap memainkan peranan yang penting .. then dier kater dier agak pressured dgn bebudak UTeM x reti buat minit mesyuarat dier terfikir .patut ker nk masuk subjek wat minit mesyuarat .. industri akan suka tanya benda yang kita x tahu .. x tahu x tahu x tahu .. yang tahu x nk tanye .. huhu ..

byk jokes dier masuk psl his wife .. lipstik branded .. also .. psl handphone mahal dier .. dier kater r anak dier ske mtk handphone biler dier wat perasmian etc .. haha .. kantoi KAK Yan .. he impressed with the technology zaman skrg . bout the reminder features in his handphone ..

anyway .. I really enjoy with his speech .. x pernah bosan .. dan konferm gelak biler dengar .. n somehow .. his name n my father’s name is the same .. LOL ..

1st Speaker

Mr Sandeep Kumar – Infosys
He came all the way from India just for this .. all about intelligent system .. n more bout his company too . i got some problems with his accent .. 1st tyme dgr face 2 face ppl from indian speaking english .. x mcm india malaysia speaking .. so .. mase dier agak x blur ..esp topic dier x braper minat .. herm ..

2nd Speaker

Mr venkat Narayanam – Satyam
His speached bout real time analytics .. it really gives me something new . something that i never think about .. but actually u must have a good grasp in mathematics to do analysis .. so memule dh block pikiran aku .. maybe i dont want to do anything with maths .. numbers .. and statistics .. so byk r citer psl decision making .. data warehouse .. business inteligence ..

one special quote yang aku x pernah tau dalam comp industries ..
” If you can’t MEASURE it , You can’t MANAGE it ”

x hengat saper bagik quote nieyh ..

dan dia ada citer beza traditional method ngan realtime ..

1 pm

Rehat .. waktu mamam ! lots of choices kt ctu .. 1st makan bubur ayam . tgk ramai giler beratur amek nasik .. pas2 2nd makan mushroom soup . pas2 duduk ngan senior aku abg pais .. william and En Sanusi .. byk benda borak ngan En sanusi . he still remember me .. sbb programming competition .. pas2 dier baru tau yg aku jerk dak diploma yang masuk benda nie . byk benda r borak . again psl programming .. pas2 mtk opinions dier psl future planning aku .. dier ada gak tanye mane nk sambung .. dengan secepat mungkin aku jwb nk amek BITS .. and off course la kt UTeM . kecuali kalo dpt sambung oversea mesti r nk sambung oversea . dier pon bagi galakan .. etc .. ni kire 1st tyme la ” breaking the ice ” session with him .. he’s fun to chat with . lot’s pf ideas n mostly inspiration that i got from him ..

3rd Speaker
Dr Rosziati Ibrahim – UTHM
The only female speaker . Came from UTHM . She talk about formal method for industrial critical system and sadly .. i am in a deep sleep .. after listening to her about half an hour .. lot’s of ZZZZ getting out of my head .. biler sedar jerk .. tinggal lagi half and hour .. bukan nak salahkan dier psl bagi boring speech . Frankly speaking .. topics dier mmg aku nantikan .. tp xleyh tahan sbb ngantuk giler .. rase nyesal plak .. heh ..

4th and the Last kopek Speaker..
Mr Leong Kok Keong
He is from Oracle . Again .. i misunderstood that I thought Oracle is only produce database products but instead they also doing other than database management software .And .. comparing the other 3 speakers .. he is the one that I dont have trouble to listen and understand him .. When he said Oracle timesten is actually depends on memory .. so I already prepared my question that what if there is a power down occur since memory is volatile and all it’s contents will be lost .. well .. after few slides .. he explain that it can flush all the database from memory to disk . The Oracle timesten is really fast since they depend on memory . so no disk cache ..

Again .. I feel so happy .. this is my first time attending an IT Seminar .. and pays the fee with my own pocket money .. For Rm40 .. this is really worthy .. the food .. place .. the atmostphere .. due to lack of my sleep .. i did not fully utilize this oppurtunities ..which kinda sad ..

thanks to Cik Ida (again) for conducting this events .. thanks to all the speakers .. to abg Pais .. En Sanusi .. and to everyone that attended .. LOL .. mcm aku lak yg uruskan benda nie .. haha ..

malam plak .. aku g Kolej Mara Seremban . nak amek laptop aku kt Ammar .. and tgk Hijjaz ..
to be concluded ..

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