Mid Term Week


This week is a crucial week for me . Got presentation for my entrepeneurship koku as well as all labtest and mid term test for all subjects except OS (operating system) and SAD (system analysis and design) .

Yesterday is programming paper . What can I say is I really enjoy it . especially the coding part where you have to do the coding on scratch using paper n pencil . Without using a computer to debug and find syntax error . It shows that most of IT student (esp in UTeM)  at least have their own debugger in their head . All syntax , naming convention n bla bla bla stuff.

Rite now i am sitting in front of MAC lab . yeah .the macintosh lab . Actually I already done with my Multimedia lab test . using photoshop. Q1 need u to do a magazine cover while Q2 for a book cover with some pics that is quite confusing and ‘broken’ . So need to touch up ..fix it .. do minor repairing at the image and after that the image MUST be use .

I didn’t prepare for this lab test . So .. quite shocking to get a idea what I am about to pull of . Also .. tonight .. I got programming lab test .. another test that really makes me “Human” .. haha ..it’s about OOP in C++ . must use all OOP techniques (friend is not included i think) .. so inheritance .polymorphism .. etc ..

be4 i forgot .. I would to thank fatin Takky and her roomate for helping me on my entrepeneurship  presentation where I got to explain my company accounts . It’s almost 3-4 years i left accounting (subjek Kemahiran Hidup). After the presentation . I will upload the ppt here . Just in case somebody need help and guidance on how to make your own company .

Wish me luck everybody ..

PS:- thx again to fatin for something else .. codename : anastasia . 😛

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