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Yesterday I picked up my V-Trio from HP Damansara . Damn . They said they already fixed the speaker but when i went back to my house ..the frickin speaker is still damaged .. argh . no altec lansing speaker ..

After I got my V-trio (not realised the speaker is still damaged ) I went to Lowyat Plaza .. asking ppl for direction since I’m not used to KL yet .. I went there . with my psp .. recruiting soliders (Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops ) .. Recruit almost 10 soldiers .. some of them are quite rare .. since I play the about 4- 5 hours busy recruiting soldiers n not complete the mission .

Survey for best price ram upgrade since my V-Trio is allergicwith Kingston RAM .. heh .. the cheapest price that I get is from Cycom .. Mushkin 1 gig ddr2 677 mhz n buy it 2 sticks . Total is RM290 (each is RM145).

About my first week in UTeM ..Already have assignments .. lots of it !!! Tried to be patient with internet connection at UTeM  .. Damn sux ..So lag .. No more intranet connection .. So hard to download the notes ..

After the Ram upgrade , finally I can run adobe dreamweaver CS3 , adobe photoshop , ym , mozilla firefox and some other apps without hang / stuck / lag .


btw . i bought a blue psp ..


One thought on “This week updates

  1. PSP????! warf super cool dude!

    Neway, RAM skang naik harga balik… biasakan diri ke Low Yat! Hahhaaha its a heaven for computer lover .Hummm thats sounds wrong. Geek la senang citer *larikkk

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