I Win an IPOD Shuffle – TQ Black Fury !!!


Erm ..yesterday I ask my dad for direction to The Curve .. Because I want to spend my last weekend riding my scooter and go somewhere far far away from klang because this sunday I will go back to Malacca to continue my 3rd sem as a Computer Science student at UTeM . After a little explanation from my dad .. I ask the black-fury-guy through YM (Yahoo Messenger la u idiot .. ). So after asking .. all I know that The Curve is near to IKEA . TESCO and 1 Utama ..

So I gamble my luck today (because my heart are telling me that I’m gonna win those ipods .. dunno why .. I never been this lucky) and went to the curve .. but before that I stuck near to Damansara Uptown .. LOL .. I never know where is Uptown Damansara until today . Ask one handsome bro and asking for direction . He also not sure because the first direction he gave was leading to KL (since I know the direction to go to HP Tower .. refer back my post about my laptop being SICK ) . Then after several minutes .. he gave another direction using other route .. so hantam saja lah ..

The Curve

Arrive there around 6:45 pm .. and I said to myself .. “Lorh .. ini ker The Curve !!!? ” . I’ve been to IKEA several times about 2 years ago so its been a while I go to Damansara .. Oh .. btw I parked my scooter at Tesco .. (must give credit ..ahaha) . I never notice the name of the shopping mall when I went to IKEA .. ahaha ..

So .. I go inside and looking at the direction board ..well ..there is a main spaces (dunno what to call that) .. aik ? Habib Jewel ? where is the Black Fury took place eyh ? looking around and when to the street .. yeah . there it is .. so I was like switching to hyper mode and start to running towards the stage . Not so many ppl there .. mostly journalism .. media ..

after 30 minutes there .. well .. I being playing the wheel-of-fortune Black Fury style and I got a Cap . went to the booth that says msn messenger cotest participant .. searching for yahoo but cant found any so i ask ppl sitting there and they sais yahoo also here .. LOL .. so I give my email address . need to write two time email address.one for putting inside a glass bowl and one for me to keep if ever chance to get the lucky draw . obtained 6 cans of black fury


Wheel of Fortune Black Fury style

snap pic here n there .. then when the lucky draw time .. my email address was called .. woohoo .. my instinct proves me right ! I deserve an IPOD !


The chicks .. 😛

til 9 PM I went back to klang since I cannot stand anymore .. to tired ..at least I snap at least 100 of pics .. hopefully can win the ipod . then on the way back to TESCO , i met Anding from AF2 .. smpt la bergambar .. 😛


Me and Anding AF2


Please enjoy all the pics that I snap at


2 thoughts on “I Win an IPOD Shuffle – TQ Black Fury !!!

  1. ohoi…beznye dapat ipod..
    ko ni mmg betuah..aku lagiok betuah ad kawan cm ko..
    ko sgt sgt la betuah dpt kawan cam aku..
    samat balik mlaka..aku membahagiakan diri kat s.alam nieh..
    take care odin~

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