Oh Subaidah


Right now I’m with Amir at subaidah .

Eating my Nasi Goreng Kg . with my usual drink . ais kosong n teh tarik ..

I woke up around 9 p.m after sleeping so long at Mat’s bed .

I realise I still forgot my maghrib n isyak prayer .

Well , I make it as a top priority . then switch on my laptop . Oh yeah .. forgot to metnion right now i’m suing flyakite OSX skins . The skins like Apple OSX . Still waiting for the OSX codename leopard .. the OS is still more stable enough than windows . (eventhough I never use VIsta .. willing to download the beta version to experiment in my lappy ) .

Hopefully , after I upgrade my lappy Ram n hard disk , i’m able to use Vista . I want to enjoy the glass effect .. =)

yerp yerp .. the windowsblind 5 can handle that pretty well ..


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