Shareena Blog..-Seishun kyoksoukyouku- Lyrics..


This song is really meant to me..

Put together dried up words,
but all i want to do is convey my simple feelings to you,
the blackish wind that blew from that day,
i threw it away in yesterday’s ruins,
so i can live today with you with a smile,
But still ,
this incident will hurt you,
that’s why it’s goodbye,
now we just try to understand each other until nothing remains,
and eventually ,
we will find out that is everything to us,
sadness will run down our cheek ,
and become a river of tears,
this trembling feeling will become a strong whirl,
and melt into each other…..

dan blog shareena.
Pergi yerk..

Dan skunk countdown..lagik 20 minit nak 2005 !!

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